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How to Create a Cozy Fall Space with Lush Jewel Tones

Lush Jewel

After years of focussing on neutrals such as beige, grey, and granite in our decorating, we’re finally allowing some colour back into our decor this fall. Jewel tones are reigning supreme this season, presenting the opportunity to revel in luxury as colour palettes are transitioning to rich and opulent hues.

Bold and vivid tones such as deep sapphire blues, vibrant emerald greens, and intense, regal purples are going to dominate this fall in both furnishings and accessories creating lusciously rich and cozy spaces you’ll never want to leave.

While you might worry that these deep hues could be too intense for your decor, jewel tones can work for just about anyone, whether your style is bright and bold, or if you tend to favour a more neutral look.

So are you ready to create a cozy fall space using lush jewel tones? Read on to learn how to add jewel tones to any space in your home.

Elle Decor recently shared a guide to the colours that everyone is talking about this season in which they share how “Pantone named Ultra Violet the 2018 Colour of the Year, and it's easy to see why. This rich, thoughtful shade of purple adds energy and depth to any room. Whether you're adventurous enough to commit to an all-purple color scheme, or prefer to experiment with home accessories first, this complex hue is one to watch.”

purple scheme

Photo Credit: Simon Upton adds more insight into decorating with these shades by showcasing how easy it is to brighten up your entire living room with a signature piece of furniture in a jewel tone.

“ ‘Even though the jewel tones are often bold, they can work really well on an anchor piece in a living room,’ says Sara Malek Barne, an interior designer based in Austin, TX. ‘Specifically, an emerald-green velvet sofa in an otherwise muted space can be visually stunning.’

Not ready to invest in new furniture? A velvet pillow or two can look “yummy” in your living room and contrast well with neutrals.”

living room

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Country Living reminds us again that jewel tones are in. As we mentioned earlier, “Pantone just named Ultra Violet its Colour of the Year, while Sherwin-Williams selected Oceanside SW 6496 (think emerald green meets sapphire). Both shades are said to be especially invigorating—just the motivation we need as we head into the new year.

We love these vivid velvet (another huge trend continuing from fall) sofas from Barker and Stonehouse, but you could also take baby steps with a jewel-toned velvet throw pillow instead. Doubtful of so much drama? Consider the colors' calmer cousins, especially in restful rooms like the bedroom. Lilac, for example, is a watered-down version of violet that's so versatile and feminine Erika Woelfel, colour expert for Behr Paint, is calling it the new millennial pink.”

velvet couch

Photo Credit: Barker & Stonehouse

Gearing up for a big home makeover in the new year? The team at suggests trying a statement sofa. “It’s the biggest piece of furniture in your living room, so why hide it?

‘We are loving heavily tufted sofas that make their presence known, say Melissa Warner Rothblum and Julie Massucco Kleiner of Massucco Warner Miller. ‘For a real pop, opt for a jewel tone like emerald green or deep periwinkle—preferably in a Holland and Sherry wool.’”

velvet couch

Photo Credit: Phillip Harvey


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