Interior Decorating With Dark Colours

In the realm of interior decorating, colour plays a vital role in setting the tone and mood of a space. Here are some tips from our professional interior design team to help you navigate the world of adding dark colours into your interior decor.


Painting Walls Black

Painting a wall black, in particular, can be a stunning accent colour when used in moderation and strategically placed throughout a room. Its dark, bold hue has the ability to create a sense of drama and depth, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any given interior. When paired with lighter shades, like whites and neutrals, black can create a striking contrast that is both eye-catching and dynamic.

To create a cohesive and visually pleasing environment, it is important to pay attention to details such as colours, textures, and patterns. Adding pieces with dark accents can be a subtle yet effective way to enhance the drama in an area. Whether it’s throw-pillows with black designs or an area rug with a hint of black in its colour pattern, these elements can bring balance and depth to any room. Remember, the key to successful interior decorating is to find the right balance between form and function. Take your time, experiment with different combinations, and have fun creating your dream space! The most important thing to remember when using black is a little goes a long way.


Painting Walls Dark Grey

If you are wanting to add a larger amount of black into your design to create a darker moody space without it being too harsh you may want to consider using a dark grey opposed to a true black. By using a charcoal colour, it softens the look a touch while still giving good depth. True black is extremely harsh when used in large amounts, but a dark grey can have a warmth that won’t make the space feel closed in. Large amounts of black also wash out any depth and detail you may have and can make a space look like a 1-dimmensional cave.


Painting Walls Navy or Deep Green

Using deep colours like navy or deep green can be a great alternative to painting walls black if you want to create a moody and rich atmosphere in a room. These colors can achieve the same dramatic effect while adding a unique and sophisticated touch to your space.

Navy and deep green can add that sense of luxury and sophistication to a room. They are perfect for creating a moody atmosphere because they create a sense of depth and coziness. They can be incorporated into both traditional and modern settings, making them versatile choices. Unlike pure black, which can sometimes feel too stark or overpowering, navy and deep green can be easier on the eyes while still achieving a moody effect. These deep colours can also be paired with a variety of other shades for contrast. You can use metallic accents, white or cream furnishings, or other complementary colors to create an appealing visual contrast. Navy and deep green also respond well to natural light. They can appear different throughout the day as the lighting changes, adding depth and interest to your space. They also provide an excellent backdrop for a wide range of furniture and decor options. They allow for flexibility in choosing furnishings and accessories.


Other Things To Consider

It’s important to take into account the size and lighting of a room when opting to paint your walls a dark shade colour. For smaller spaces, it might be wise to incorporate lighter elements to counterbalance the intense colour, preventing the room from appearing cramped. Conversely, in spacious, well-lit rooms, deep shades can be used to establish a warm and welcoming ambiance without overpowering the space with excessive darkness.

Ultimately, your choice of wall colour should align with your personal style and the ambiance you want to create in your space. Navy and deep green are excellent options for achieving a moody, rich, and stylish interior while allowing for flexibility in design choices.

Interior decorating is a fun and creative way to personalize your living space. In interior design, you can always mix elements from different styles to create a unique look that reflects your personal taste and design preferences. If you need help incorporating any of these ideas into your home interiors, our design team is always available! 



Charlene Threatful , Calgary Interior Designer

Charlene is an award-winning Calgary Interior Designer and owner of Lush Interiors. For over 20 years she has collaborated with clients to create their ideal living spaces. Charlene and her interior design team create spaces that blend classic elements with a modern sensibility, always incorporating her client’s unique personalities and esthetic. Join Charlene on this design journey as she explores the latest trends, uncovers timeless design principles, and discover innovative ideas to elevate your home or workspace.