Lush Interiors Inc. takes great pride in delivering quality design work and has established many long-term client relationships. We offer elevated timeless design, and tailored interiors to provide a comfortable lifestyle and maintain a constant commitment to offering the highest level of service of interior design in Calgary and across Canada.

No matter the scope and scale of your design project, we would love to be a part of it. We don’t have any minimum or maximum requirements for our interior design services, so we’ll always be able to accommodate your needs, budget, and schedule. If you would like to discuss your ideas, let’s have a conversation.


Full-Service Interior Design

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Our process starts with a design meeting to help us understand exactly what your goals and expectations are for your project. We work closely with all the stake holders including your architect, builder, and decision makers to determine budget, timeline, and overall design concept. We then create construction and millwork drawings and 3D renderings incorporating the curated materials and finishes we have selected to bring your space to life.  This allows you to envision what your home can be!  Once the dust settles, we then complete the transformation with custom furnishings, window treatments and décor, managing every detail to pull it altogether for the final reveal of your dream home.

Renovation Design

Interior Design | Construction | Materials & Finishes

If your project includes a renovation only, we can bring your vision to life with a full-service renovation. This process starts with a design meeting where we determine your goals and expectations. We provide construction and millwork drawings and 3D renderings along with curated materials and finishes selections to create the overall design concept.  From there, we provide a budget and timeframe and manage the renovation from start to finish.


Furnishing Design & Decor

Interior Decorating | Custom Furniture | Decor

For those looking to reimagine their home without a renovation we can provide complete furnishing and styling plan. Starting with a design meeting we will help you to understand your personal style. We work collaboratively to curate a look that meets not only your design aesthetic, but the functionality required in each space. The next step is to create a spending plan that suits your budget. Once the budget is finalized, we manage every detail of the project including ordering, storage, and white-glove delivery to pull together the final look and surprise reveal.


Interior Design | Interior Decorating | Paint | Colour | Finishes

When it comes to interior design, the possibilities are endlessIf you aren’t really sure of what your style is or you are hesitant about emerging trends, we can help. The benefits of a detailed plan cannot be overstated. We offer in-home consultations from helping you choose paint colours, furniture placements, material selections for renovations/new builds, and everything interior design related. If you’re unsure on how to proceed with any project reach out to us!


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Discover the delight of collaborating with an award-winning interior designer, as we assist you in transforming your living space into a luxury condominium, a lavish home or serene vacation property. Find out what makes Lush Interiors one of Calgary’s top interior designers and leading interior decorators.