5 Simple Ways to Add Black to Your Home Décor

Black is everywhere these days, from lighting to plumbing to accessories. When used properly, black can elevate your design and add some much-needed depth to a room. For this reason, it has become a very popular design choice. While it may seem daunting at first, adding black to your home decor can be done in a simple and stylish way. Make sure you are mindful of how you use it, too much black can take a design from eye-catching to heavy and overbearing.


Whether you’re looking to add a touch of black to your living room, bedroom, or dining area, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you. From statement black accent walls to subtle black accessories, we’ll show you how to incorporate this timeless colour into your home decor in a way that’s both stylish and sophisticated. In this blog post, we’ll share with you 5 easy ways to add black to your home decor.

Light Fixtures – If you are looking for black accents in your room, a great solution is to pull in black through your lighting fixtures and hardware. You may even want to consider mixing black hardware or lighting with another metal so there isn’t too much black in the space. By doing this you will create visual interest and contrast without overpowering the overall design.

Architectural Features – Another option when using black, is to paint out certain architectural features you want to highlight. Because black is such a dark colour it will draw your eye, especially if surrounded by lighter colours. For example, if you want a fireplace of certain trim to be more noticeable, painting it black may be a great option.

Framing Your Artwork – One great way to incorporate black as an accent colour is by using black frames for artwork or photographs. When paired with a lighter wall colour, black frames can add depth and sophistication to the decor. Additionally, black frames can help highlight and draw attention to the artwork itself, creating a cohesive look. Black frames are one of our favourite ways to finish a gallery wall and no matter the subject matter, using black frames helps to unify the images.

Accent Wall – Consider adding a dark accent wall to a room with a large blank wall. This can make the room feel more grounded and stylish. Black paint can be a great choice for this purpose, as it can add depth and drama to any space. We have also been incorporating black wood slat walls with interesting patterns to create big a dramatic impact in small spaces.
Décor – Black decor can make a big impact on interior decorating. It can be incorporated through furniture, textiles, and accessories. Keep in mind that while black can be a powerful colour, it’s important to balance it out with lighter colours and textures to avoid making the space feel too dark or heavy. With the right balance, black decor can update and impact your space.

These 5 simple ways to add black to your home decor should help you achieve a curated and timeless look. So, whether you’re looking to add a touch of black to your living room, bedroom, or dining area, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with this versatile colour. The most important thing to remember when using black is a little goes a long way. With a little creativity and inspiration from this guide, you can create a tailored and sophisticated space that stands the test of time.

With interior design, you can always mix elements from different styles to create a unique look that reflects your personal taste and design preferences. If you need help incorporating black into your home interior, our design team is always available!



Charlene Threatful , Calgary Interior Designer

Charlene is an award-winning Calgary Interior Designer and owner of Lush Interiors. For over 20 years she has collaborated with clients to create their ideal living spaces. Charlene and her interior design team create spaces that blend classic elements with a modern sensibility, always incorporating her client’s unique personalities and esthetic. Join Charlene on this design journey as she explores the latest trends, uncovers timeless design principles, and discover innovative ideas to elevate your home or workspace.