Braeside Living Room Renovation Project

Calgary Interior Design and Home Renovation Project

This was an amazing Calgary interior design, and home renovation project. The original living room was unappealing, and the family rarely used it. They wanted to use the space more effectively and create a room to entertain and relax in. The space was also physically cold, and they wanted to add a fireplace, but they were unsure on how to do that with the restrictions they had to work within. We brought this room to life with our new design and were able to incorporate a fireplace, a bar, display space and a warm look and feel. They now have a brand-new room to read in, relax and unwind in and entertain family and friends on weekends. This project demonstrates what can be achieved without making structural changes and adding elements that create the environment that a client desires.

Key Features:

• We detailed the space with a fluted wall to create the warm and sophisticated design aesthetic our client was looking for.

• We opted for an electric fireplace because we were unable to cantilever a gas fireplace into the space. This enabled us to maintain a minimal footprint but added the warmth our clients wanted.

• A bar area promotes easy entertaining and open shelving improves the visual interest of the space.

• We used a textured wallpaper to create visual interest behind the shelves.

• The custom sofa is very comfortable, neutral in colour and layers well on the plush area carpet. It is also cat friendly as we had to ensure that the fabric could stand up to the pets and wear well over time.

• The custom chairs are upholstered in a luxurious velvet and add the perfect pop of warm colour to create a bit of drama.

• The sheers provide privacy but also allow plenty of light as this family loves plants. They also add texture and warmth to a very large window.

• The mix of materials in the accessories add visual interest through textures and colours.


Feeling inspired by the interior design work in this home renovation? If so, please reach out! Lush Interiors is committed to turning your design dreams into reality. We’d love to help you with your renovation journey.