Types of Interior Design Styles

Clients often ask us what style our interior designers like to design with. While we work with many styles and appreciate their unique elements, every project is completely different and unique. If you are wondering what style works best for you, here are some popular types of interior design styles to inspire you.



Known for its minimalistic and functional approach, Scandinavian design emphasizes clean lines, natural materials, and a neutral colour palette. This style incorporates plenty of natural light and focuses on creating a cozy and clutter-free space.



Modern design embraces simplicity and sleekness. It features clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and a neutral colour scheme. Furniture with smooth surfaces and a mix of materials like glass, metal, and leather are commonly used in modern interiors.



Inspired by urban lofts and warehouses, industrial design incorporates raw and unfinished elements. Exposed brick walls, concrete floors, metal pipes, and open ceilings are hallmarks of this style. It often combines industrial pieces with vintage or salvaged furniture.



Bohemian or boho design is eclectic, free-spirited, and vibrant. It embraces bold colours, patterns, and textures from around the world. This style encourages mixing and matching different furniture and decor pieces to create a relaxed and layered look.



Traditional design is timeless, elegant, and often inspired by European influences. It features rich colours like burgundy, navy, and gold, along with ornate furniture, detailed moldings, and classic patterns. Symmetry and balance are key elements in traditional interiors.


Mid-Century Modern

This style emerged in the mid-20th century and remains popular today. It combines organic shapes, clean lines, and functional design. Mid-century modern interiors often incorporate furniture pieces with tapered legs, bold colours, and geometric patterns.



Coastal design brings the relaxed vibe of the beach into your home. It features a light and breezy colour palette with shades of blue and white, along with natural textures like rattan, wicker, and sisal. Nautical elements and accessories are often incorporated to complete the coastal look.



Farmhouse design blends rustic and traditional elements to create a cozy and charming atmosphere. It focuses on natural materials, such as reclaimed wood and distressed finishes. Neutral colours, vintage accessories, and farmhouse-style furniture are commonly found in this style.



Contemporary design is characterized by its clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on open spaces. It embraces neutral colour palettes and incorporates sleek and streamlined furniture. Contemporary interiors often showcase art and unique lighting fixtures as focal points.



A blend of traditional and contemporary styles, transitional design aims to create a harmonious balance. It features a mix of classic and modern furniture, neutral colours, and simple lines. This style is versatile and appeals to those who appreciate both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Remember, these interior design styles are not rigid categories. You can always mix elements from different styles to create a unique look that reflects your personal taste and preferences

With interior design, you can always mix elements from different styles to create a unique look that reflects your personal taste and design preferences. If you need help incorporating any of these ideas into your home interiors, our design team is always available!

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Charlene Threatful , Calgary Interior Designer

Charlene is an award-winning Calgary Interior Designer and owner of Lush Interiors. For over 20 years she has collaborated with clients to create their ideal living spaces. Charlene and her interior design team create spaces that blend classic elements with a modern sensibility, always incorporating her client’s unique personalities and esthetic. Join Charlene on this design journey as she explores the latest trends, uncovers timeless design principles, and discover innovative ideas to elevate your home or workspace.