The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Interior Design Style

Do you know what your interior design style is? Having a clear vision of your style is crucial. Designing your new home or planning an interior or external renovation shouldn’t be overwhelming, it should be an exciting and transformative journey. We always recommend working with an interior designer because we bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and expertise to the table. We provide cost-effective solutions, professional advice and guidance, we design with functionality in mind to create a layout that works for you. In the meantime, we’ve created this ultimate guide to help you find your perfect interior design style.


Begin With Inspiration

Start by gathering inspiration from various sources. Flip through magazines, scroll through social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and create a mood board with images that appeal to you. Pay attention to colour schemes, furniture styles, and overall aesthetics that catch your eye. This process will help you narrow down your preferences and identify your personal taste.

Identify Your Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle and how it influences your design choices. Are you someone who loves to entertain guests? Or are you seeking a sanctuary for relaxation? Understanding how you intend to use the space will determine the functionality and ambiance you want to create. For example, if you love hosting dinner parties, you might lean towards a more open-concept layout with a focus on your dining area. If you work from home, you might spend more time planning a beautiful office for your work space.

Reflect On Your Personality

Your home should be a reflection of your personality and unique traits. Are you drawn to minimalist and clean lines, or do you prefer a more eclectic and vibrant approach? Think about how you want your space to make you feel and what emotions you want it to evoke. Your interior design style should align with your character and create a comfortable environment that represents you.

Consider Architectural Elements

Take into account the architectural elements of your space, such as ceiling height, windows, and textures. These elements can greatly influence your design choices. If you have high ceilings, for instance, you might explore designs that incorporate tall bookshelves or pendant lighting to emphasize the verticality. By working with the existing architecture, you can create a cohesive and harmonious design.

Experiment With Colours

Colours play a significant role in setting the mood of a room. Experiment with different colour palettes and explore how they make you feel. Some people find solace in neutral hues such as whites and beiges, while others are energized by bold and vibrant tones. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours to create a unique and personalized space. Remember, you can always start with a neutral base and add pops of colour through accessories and artwork.

Mix Furniture Styles

Mixing furniture styles is a great way to add depth and character to your home. Blend modern pieces with vintage finds or incorporate different cultural influences to create a curated and eclectic look. Don’t be limited by one particular style, instead, create a balance that reflects your taste and tells a story. However, be mindful of proportions and ensure that the furniture you choose fits well in your space.

Pay Attention To Details

The devil is in the details, they say, and it’s true when it comes to interior design. Pay attention to the smaller elements such as lighting fixtures, hardware, and textiles. These items can tie the entire design together and elevate the overall aesthetic. Consider incorporating different textures, patterns, and finishes to add visual interest and make the space feel rich and layered.

Your Style

Finding your interior design style is about embracing what feels authentic and comfortable, creating a space that reflects your unique personality and makes you feel at home. Remember, there are no strict rules, and it’s all about creating a space that resonates with you. So, gather inspiration, reflect on your lifestyle and personality, and experiment with various elements to curate a home that is truly yours.

Ultimately you can mix elements from different interior design styles to create a unique look that reflects your personal taste and design preferences.  Exploring inspiration sources such as magazines, websites, and social media can help you identify patterns and elements that appeal to you. An Interior Designer can help you put those ideas together to formulate your authentic design style plus save you a lot of research time.

Interior Design professionals create living spaces that are beautiful, functional, and uniquely yours. If you need help finding your interior design style, our design team is always available!



Charlene Threatful , Calgary Interior Designer

Charlene is an award-winning Calgary Interior Designer and owner of Lush Interiors. For over 20 years she has collaborated with clients to create their ideal living spaces. Charlene and her interior design team create spaces that blend classic elements with a modern sensibility, always incorporating her client’s unique personalities and esthetic. Join Charlene on this design journey as she explores the latest trends, uncovers timeless design principles, and discover innovative ideas to elevate your home or workspace.