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Lush Interiors Inc. interior design specialists provide a complete range of residential interior design services that encompass every detail! From space planning and furniture selection to color coordination and art and accessories. Whether you want to change only one single room in your Calgary home or have decided to completely transform the entire residence, our designers can help. Lush Interiors Inc. provides the expertise and inspiration you are looking for and will make your living space all it can be.

Start creating your wish list now by discussing your ideas during a consultation with one of our experts. They will put together a comprehensive and detailed plan for each room and bring it together in a personalized and functional interior design plan that reflects your lifestyle and contribute to your well-being.

Our Interior Design Services Include:


Our well-planned kitchen designs allow you to maximize your meal preparation area with dining and entertaining requirements that are in sync with the rest of your home. If you love spending time in your kitchen cooking but hate how easily cluttered and messy it becomes; a functional thought-out design will create roomier countertops and more storage.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

With a significant part of our daily lives spent in these areas, creating functional and pleasing design is essential to well-being. The Lush Interiors Inc. design team makes sure to get the color, furniture placement and lighting of these rooms just right for the pace of life in your home. Did you know that certain colors and lighting can contribute to better and healthier sleeping patterns? Our designers can create a beautiful relaxing bedroom space that will help you de-stress.

Living and Family Rooms

Whatever your preferred style, we can help in creating your ideal living space. Finding the best sofa or chair is as important as discovering accessory and/or accent piece such as; area rugs, lighting and the art that adorns your walls. Our professional guidance will make the most out of your investment. Lush Interiors Inc. ensures client care and ultimate satisfaction. We pride ourselves on making sure that each room is comfortable, inviting and a true reflection of your unique style.

Dining Rooms

The dining room is made for company. It is meant to showcase your home while creating a fun and social eating experience with friends and family during special occasions. Always coordinated to blend in with the décor and design of adjacent rooms, color lighting and comfortable seating are musts for optimal dining. Allow us to create the ambience you have always dreamed of for your dining room.

Residential Decorating Based on Your Input

As we consistently hear from our clients, one aspect of our services that makes us the best interior designers in the area is our willingness to adapt our approach to suit the needs of each client. After working with homeowners as long as we have, we’ve gained the collaborative and adaptable skills to work with everybody’s unique goals and expectations for their residential interiors—which we consistently accommodate with flexible design consultations and dedication to open communication.

When you bring our passionate team of residential designers into your home, it should be immediately apparent that we’re dedicated to your satisfaction. We begin every project with a detailed consultation and assessment of your set-up and layout, so we know what you’re expecting and what’s possible within the confines of your living space.

We promise to get your approval for every design element incorporated into your new space, so you can rest assured that you’ll love the final results once everything comes together. Start collaborating with our client-focused designers by contacting us today!

A Talented Team of Residential Interior Designers

With countless successful residential interior design projects in our portfolio, we’re confident that our team is an easy choice for whatever you have in mind for your home. Our design experience and strong attention to detail make us the ideal candidate to help you makeover any room in your home—or your entire residential interior! We’re committed to helping our clients create cohesive, functional interiors that complement their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, and we look forward to collaborating with you to accomplish this goal.

Modern Residential Interior Designs

We work hard to ensure we stay ahead of the curve in the interior design industry and incorporate the latest trends and innovations into our toolkit. If you’ve recently been inspired by a new design trend or seen something that sparked your interest, we guarantee we can help you do the same with your home. The best way to know if we can provide a particular service is by getting in touch with us, so keep us in mind for your next home interior project and call today to discuss your vision.

Hiring Home Interior Designers Makes Your Life Easier

If you’ve ever tried redesigning a room in your home, you likely know just how much work can be involved. If you would like to minimize some of the inconveniences and uncertainty associated with interior decorating, then Lush Interiors Inc. is the name you should remember. Our professional team of designers will make sure you only have to be involved with the fun parts of designing a new space, and we’ll take care of everything else!

We Handle Residential Decorating Jobs of All Sizes

No matter the scope and scale of your decorating project, we would love to be a part of it. We don’t have any minimum or maximum requirements for our interior design services, so we’ll always be able to accommodate your needs, budget, and schedule. If you would like to start discussing your ideas and confirm that we’re a good fit for the project, we encourage you to reach out to us at your convenience.