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Lush Interiors Inc. Services


Lush Interiors Inc. interior design specialists provide a complete range of...

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Lush Interiors Inc. offers complete corporate office and commercial design services...

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Materials & Finishes

When it comes to interior design, the possibilities are endless, especially in regards to...

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When it comes to your home and business, comfort and functionality is key...

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Colour Selection

Colour is fundamental to the direction of any interior design scheme. Many variables come into play when choosing a colour scheme. Room size, lighting, furnishing and surface materials all influence the quality of colour. Lush Interiors provides professional colour consultations to assist you in choosing the right color scheme to transform your home.

Home Renovation

From complete home renovations to updating a kitchen or bathroom, our design experts work with you to create your dream home. Our qualified trades people provide outstanding, professional results guaranteed.

Home Redesign

Home redesign brings our design expert into your home to recreate your living space using existing furnishing and accessories.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a key design element in any d├ęcor. They provide the finishing touch for every room. Our design experts work with you to incorporate creative designs and functionality achieving the perfect style.

Space Planning

Our design experts help you to maximize the functionality and design of any room, using existing furnishings and accessories.

Furnishings & Accessories

The right furnishing and accessories help pull together all the design elements and provide the finishing touches to any room. We work with local manufacturers to create custom furnishings, source unique pieces and shop for accessories that help pull it all together.