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The most important design element is YOU!  To determine your style, we’ll focus on what you are trying to achieve and how you want your home to feel.  Functionality is also an important part of our design process. We work with all design styles and will provide suggestions that compliment your taste.

We design all sizes and styles of interiors. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve designed everything from a 10,000 sq ft luxury custom build to a 1000 sq foot condo. Our team brings creativity and functionality to any space!

Opening-up the main floor is an interior design strategy implement often. We determine what walls need to stay and which can be removed to make the area more spacious and inviting. We then create functional areas and a cohesive look so that your home looks and feels open, warm and inviting.

Yes, we can incorporate your existing pieces or heirloom furniture into your new design. We love mixing old eclectic furniture with newer pieces. This process creates a unique and very custom design aesthetic for interior spaces.

There are many ways to make your space feel warm and inviting. Colour psychology is a powerful interior design tool. Different colours can impact the mood of a room. Lighting also helps to create glowing, warm spaces. Layering window treatments such as blinds and drapes can make the room look and feel warm, especially in the colder months. The effective use of accessories such as toss cushions, blankets, area carpets and art are also very effective in making a space feel warm and inviting.

Creating spa like bathrooms is our favourite!  We incorporate wet rooms, saunas, soaker tubs, adjoining dressing rooms, and water closets, to create a luxurious environment. We use design finishes like marble, glass, metal, layered lighting, wallpaper and spa accessories such as robes, bespoke linens, apothecary jars, candles and many others to elevate the experience.

We use 3D renderings for most of our interior design projects. We create 3-dimensional version of your dream space by incorporating the millwork, cabinets, lighting, furnishings and accessories. We then walk you through the space virtually, providing you with the experience of living in your new home! This really helps you see your vision come to life.

Interior Designers create functional spaces inside a home or building. They endeavor to understand behavior to help create functional spaces. They design new cabinetry, do space planning, and generally design interior spaces for renovation or construction. Interior decorating is using decorative elements like furniture, window coverings, lighting, colour palettes, and fabric selections to achieve a certain style. Lush Interiors provides both interior design and interior decorating for all our clients.

The length of your interior design project depends on its scope.  We often need 2-3 weeks to gather information, create a design plan and present it to you. Once we have your approval, it typically takes 3-4 months before all furnishings, accessoires, etc arrive and then we can install and style. If we are designing a renovation, once we have your approval, it will take anywhere from 2-10 months depending on the size of the project.

With over 20 years of design experience, our projects are as vast as our expertise.  We have worked on luxury homes and condos in Alberta ranging from 1000 to 10000 sq ft. Many of our clients have second residences or vacation properties in other parts of the country and we have designed and decorated many of their homes.  As always, we stay true to our client’s vision and no two designs are the same.

Yes, of course. Our interior decorating services include, designing furniture layouts and sourcing furniture, window coverings, lighting, as well as selecting colour palettes and fabrics.

Yes, we absolutely work with client long distance. We have many projects all over Canada.  Some of these design projects require site visits and others are done virtually.  Either way we are able to accommodate the requirements of our clients for all of their projects.

Interior Designers create functional spaces inside a home or building. They design new cabinetry, do space planning, and generally design interior spaces for renovation or construction. They also offer interior decorating services such as designing furniture layouts, source furniture, window coverings, lighting and make fabric selections.

Hiring an interior designer for your home can be a great investment. Interior designers have the knowledge and experience to create beautiful and functional interior spaces. They’ll help you choose the right materials, furniture, and decor to achieve your desired look. They can save you time by taking care of the details and coordinating the project. An Interior Designer can also help you avoid costly mistakes and find deals on high-quality materials and furniture.

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