Paint Finish Overview

With so many different types of paint on the market it can more be than confusing especially when it comes to selecting the right paint finish. We have a quick run down of each paint finish and where to use them!

Paint Finish types


This is a great finish for any area with lots of scratches or imperfections since it has no reflective quality, it absorbs all light, therefore making it easier to hide any flaws. This is an ideal finish for low traffic rooms or ceilings. A flat or matte finish is not necessarily easy to clean as it is not an ideal finish for scrubbing and cleaning.


Eggshell and Satin paints are great options throughout your home. Eggshell is the most common finish as it hides a lot of imperfections while still holding up to the durability needed in a home. If you’re looking a bit more durability, we recommend using a satin finish. The Satin Finish is perfect for the high traffic areas of your home such as hallways and entrances. However, be careful as the satin finish won’t hide the same imperfections as an eggshell finish. These are the two most common finishes we work with when selecting the right finish for our client’s walls.

Pearl/Semi Gloss

Pearl and Semi Gloss paints are very similar. The biggest difference between the two is their level of gloss. Pearl has about 25- 35% gloss while Semi Gloss is closer to 75-85%. The higher the amount of gloss the higher the durability. We recommend using these finishes for high traffic areas. Both finishes will clean up easily however if you need high durability, we recommend a semi gloss finish. These are great finishes for baseboards, casing, and handrails where it is likely you will need to clean these surfaces more often.