5 Secrets for Decorating Your Vacation Property

What does the perfect vacation property look like to you?

Is it bright and airy? Is it rustic and woodsy?

If you’re considering investing in your vacation property so that it truly reflects your style, these are just 5 of the secrets you’ll want to consider in creating your perfect getaway space.

Decide on Your Design and Theme

To make informed home decor decisions, begin by figuring out the overarching design vision most appropriate for your target audience. Your furniture and style choices will differ depending on whether you’re catering to families, solo business travelers, or budget backpackers.” Says Dwell.com

"Also consider the property’s surroundings for site-specific design cues. A rental by the beach, for instance, may channel a breezy, bungalow feel, while an apartment in a city could be better suited to modern minimalism. Deciding on a theme ahead of time can help streamline furniture decisions so that by the time you start shopping, you’re less likely to fall down the rabbit hole of picking up everything that catches your eye—including items that might not work well together!”

5 Secrets for Decorating Your Vacation Property

Factor in Your Location

“Taking time to factor in the location of your vacation home is essential when decorating it, both inside and out.” says The Bandit Lifestyle. “Beachside abodes are almost always complemented by coastal styles while a rustic look works well in mountain cabins. Now, you don’t have to go overboard with a thematic look, however, design experts suggest bringing in colors, textures and other design elements into your vacation home that are found naturally around its location. Consider adding features like an electric fireplace for a cozy feel in the mountains, and in beachy areas an outdoor shower would be a great addition for rinsing off sandy feet. Additionally, you can always take a look at other vacation homes in the surrounding area to see how others have decorated their spaces.”

5 Secrets for Decorating Your Vacation Property

Think Functional Furniture

The Bandit Lifestyle also made a great point adding that, “If your vacation home is on the smaller side, consider maximizing the space by decorating with functional furniture. Instead of an oversized couch, opt for sectionals with built-in storage, that way you can hide everyday items such as throw blankets and decorative pillows when they’re not in use. Some multifunctional furniture items have height-adjustable features that can be used as a coffee table, desk or console table. For your bedrooms, incorporate space-saving storage options such as a bed with drawers underneath. These drawers can hold extra or seasonal clothes, toys, books and more.”

5 Secrets for Decorating Your Vacation Property

Add Touches of Luxury

“Let’s be honest, the chance to experience a little bit of luxury is the reason why most of us go on vacation in the first place. Whether you have a vacation home you share with renters or you simply have a place where you can go to enjoy time with friends and family, you want to make sure your space feels like a grand escape.”

We agree with Freshhome who says “if you’re lucky enough to have a big budget, this is the time to go all out. Build each room around materials like real woods, granite and marble pieces. Invest in high-quality furniture that will stand the test of time. Then, be sure to finish off the look with plenty of wall art and accessories.

That said, even if you’re working with limited funds, you can still make design decisions that will give your home a luxe feel. Pay special attention to finishes. These days, there are plenty of faux finishes available that can give you a look similar to more costly materials for a fraction of the price. Adding metal accents to the room can also help give it a sense of richness.”

5 Secrets for Decorating Your Vacation Property

“Because you won’t relax if your space feels unfinished or haphazardly decorated, remember to keep everything consistent and pleasing on the eye. And since the home should reflect your personality, don’t adhere to any strict set of rules. Don’t rule out any decorative hues, you can live comfortably with any color if it’s done in the right way, I’ve even seen matte black accent walls in a beach home and it looked amazing and highly original. When thinking of smart vacation home interior design ideas, I often suggest to be as original and unique as you can while remaining in your comfort zone.” Décor Aid interior designer Colin M.

5 Secrets for Decorating Your Vacation Property


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