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10 Surprisingly Simple Interior Design Secrets That Will Make You Love Your Home More

Your home can be your happy place even without a major overhaul. These tips, complete with real life video examples, will show you how!

1.Marry Your existing furniture with new modern pieces to reflect your current style and scale of the space you’re living in.

2. Rather than replacing all of your floors consider refinishing your current hardwood floor and re-staining it.

3. You can have a TV in every room without everyone knowing it. There are multiple ways to hide many of your TV’s in cabinet’s entertainment units and more!

4. New countertops can freshen up your kitchen and can become a real focal point when you have a large island that your time spent in the kitchen revolves around.

5. There is no need to use a space for the reason in which it was intended. Not using your kitchen nook? We say add some stylish and comfortable furniture and use it as a place to read or enjoy a glass of wine!

6. Functional can be beautiful. When planning your guest room consider nightstands with built in electronics charging stations that are hidden. This is a great way to show your guests you were thinking about them.

7. You can recreate your space without a large budget. Consider refinishing your existing furniture, adding colour, and new accessories to bring everything together.

8. When adding or replacing the backsplash in your kitchen, bring the whole look together by matching your grout to the colour of your cabinets.

9. The landing on the way up the stairs is often a neglected space. Warm up this area by adding some furniture, artwork and a beautiful light fixture.

10. Can’t find the perfect furniture to finish off your space? Don’t settle, have it custom made to fit the room and your lifestyle.